Phone not able to call or text to Straight Talk phone

I have a Moto g 5 S and am unable to call or text a friend who has just switched to Straight Talk. She was with Republic and had the number ported to Straight Talk. She is receiving calls and text from others but not from me.

Put in a Help Ticket | Republic Wireless. It sounds like there was some internal routing that didn’t get updated when the number was ported out of Republic Wireless. Just put in the ticket what you wrote here, as well as the phone number you are trying to reach.

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How long ago was just switched. It wouldn’t be unusual for this to take 72 business hours or so to sort. Do they still have their Republic phone? If you call them, does that ring?

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Number was switched about 40 hours ago. Yes they still have the republic phone and I can call and text to it

What you are experiencing is a sign that your friend’s transfer to Straight Talk is not yet complete and is known for her as a period of dual service. This is not unusual. My experience is it will self-resolve in the next day perhaps two. I suggest waiting that long before raising a help ticket.

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Thanks for the information. I will give it some more time and see what happens

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