Phone not activated?!

Hello! It IS Oct., so it’s the month of strange happenings. I have a MotoG5+. My camera wouldn’t work, then I noticed a message “Emergency calls only----invalid card” scrolling across the top of my screen. I turned phone off and on, THEN I received a message stating “phone not activated,” THEN it prompted me to activate, before I could respond, it prompted me to restart to complete activation. I restarted & I could make phone calls & text. WEIRD!!

I have had this phone for 18 months…I will admit I have been receiving notifications that I need to delete some pics. Would that cause my phone to wack out?

I appreciate any enlightenment you can provide.

Hi @jeanb.01d11j,

It’s probably not October. There’s a possibility that lack of storage (which may be why it’s being suggested that you delete some photos) is causing your phone to behave strangely.

More likely, however your phone lost connection to its SIM, which can happen from the jostling caused by moving around with our phones. Often a restart or refreshing the activation is all it takes to resolve that. Should it happen again, I’d suggest removing then reseating the SIM followed by a restart.

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Thank you, rolandh, I will try removing and replacing and restarting. I thought if I “backed up” my photos that freed my space up…not correct? Do I need to try to download to my PC & then delete completely from my phone? Should I start another query re photos?

Hi @jeanb.01d11j,

There’s no need to open a new question, since the photo deletion was meant to help with the activation problem.

How much storage is now available on your phone?

Have you tried these steps for the activation issue?

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