Phone not charging

What phone do you have? Moto g6

What plan are you on? choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? just talk & text

Issue Description

Battery was at 41% and when plugged in it was not charging. Suddenly, went to 28%. Switched to another cord, still not charging. Tried my cord on another g6 and it works, so phone is problem and not the cord. I am using the original cord. Last night I held “Power” button till shut off and plugged in all night. Today, I can only get it to 4%. I got into recovery mode and “wiped the cache partition”. I did not know if there was something else to try before a “wipe data/factory reset”? I am able to get to the android recovery screen, if this is even where I need to go.

Lisa Mardian

Hi @lisam.kgne93,

I don’t have a high degree of confidence, it will help but trying safe mode to rule out a misbehaving third party app is worth a shot. If the phone exhibits the same behavior in safe mode, a factory reset is about all that’s left.

Even that may not help as what you describe is also a sign of a failing battery. If you get to it and a factory reset also doesn’t help, may we know from whom (Republic or third party) your phone was purchased and how long ago that was?

Did a factory reset and everything is downloading and updating but still phone is still not charging and is down to 1%. Guess it is a failing battery. I purchased the phone from Republic Wireless on July 3, 2018, invoice #15405330. What is the next step?


Eek, you’re just outside Motorola’s manufacturer’s warranty. Still, I suggest you go ahead with opening a ticket with Republic to inquire about a potential warranty claim.

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Also, you may want to check with the Credit Card folks that you used to purchase the phone, some offer an extended warranty period

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