Phone not making or taking calls


Woke up to our phone calling ability not working. We can text, use other apps just not make or take phone calls. We have restarted, refreshed, restarted again, update system? (nope, up to date), restarted, reactivated, restarted, restarted again, still just a busy signal no matter who we call and we can’t call each other either. I don’t know how many times we have had to “reactive” our phone the past year. We have a special needs in the house, this does not work for us!
Ticket ID: #1409167 and Your Ticket Number is 1409194 as husband’s phone is not working either.

Mine is working now but husband’s is not.


Hi @judij,

I’m sorry to read you’re experiencing this issue, and I’m glad to see your phone is now working again. You gave quite a list of things you’ve tried, but I’m not certain from your description whether you tried to refresh the republic activation?


I did whatever was suggested when submitting a help ticket along with actually reactiving his phone after I restarted it again and it said it wasn’t activated, again, even though he has had his for three years now.


Having the same problem today. Must be a Republic issue.


I am also having the same problem. The phone worked this morning, I stopped to get gas, and when I called the other party back, I wasn’t able to call anyone and my friend was not able to reach me by calling me.


Thanks @carols.kr5a1u, @tctexas, @judij - we’re looking into this now.


@carols.kr5a1u, @tctexas, @judij, could you please try again now? I believe our engineers have isolated the issue and made a change to clear up the problem.


will in a minute, the phone just restarted and activated itself out of nowhere.


Excellent! It seems to be all fixed now! Thanks for the super speedy response!

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His is working. I still can’t call voicemail to hear all my messages. I can only access one at a time through the voicemail icon on the phone app.


Ok, I’m glad we have calling working for your phones. I’ll leave your ticket open with the voicemail issue so our technicians can continue to explore that. The help article I linked in my first reply to you often helps clear up voicemail access issues, it may be worth trying it again now.


It’s fixed for me. Thanks

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No other cell phone company I have been with has had this problem, and telling everyone just to “refresh activation” when it shows up doesn’t fix what is a recurring serious problem


Hi @timothyh.tdevf1,

No other cell phone company you’ve been with blends VoIP and cellular calling like we do. At times, it is necessary to refesh the connection between the phone and our servers.

Today’s situation turned out to be a small (meaning not every line was affected, only a small subset), brief outage, and thanks to the quick reporting of the outage by several members, we were able to very quickly identify the cause and resolve it.

If you’re aware of some further “recurring serious problem” please do not hesitate to open a support ticket so our technicians can investigate it fully.

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