Phone not operational

HI all,
I keep having issues with my Samsung J3 phone. I must have had it 3 years by now.
Here is the list of symptoms: 1-calls drop anytime anywhere
2- oftentimes it asks me to change how I receive my messages using ???
3- One morning my alarm did not sound…I was awake before its normal ringing …
4- it constantly remind me that I am about out of storage EVEN if I have archived my info and pics on Google photos and and have bought a 32 GB SD card.
5-I have sent several messages to get Help in the Republic community and no messages came back offering any assistance
6_ Today it lets me open my phone up to the moment i insert the password and stops right there. I have not been able to use this phone "properly " in a week
7- DId I mention I want to possibly cancel my service? How do I do that since the phone wont work? thanks for your help.M.

Hi @mahdiab.eincyr,

Welcome to our Member Community. I’m sorry to see you’re having so many problems.

  1. Calls dropping - does this happen only on cell, or do calls also drop on WiFi? It looks like you live in an area where neither of our cellular partners has particularly robust coverage.

  2. Our app will prompt Samsung phones users to change the messaging app because the built-in Samsung app is not supported with our service. We recommend the Messages app by Google.

  3. This has happened just one time out of three years? It’s very hard to troubleshoot an issue that happens only once.

  4. If you look at the phone’s storage, what does it list as using a lot of the memory? Sometimes with these older phones, just the apps and their updates can fill the phone’s storage, and you can’t move the apps to the memory card.

  5. This appears to be your first time posting in our Member Community by this username.
    When I look at your activity list, I see only this topic.

Your other Community Username has no activity shown.

If you’ve posted before under yet a different username and the Community did not answer, I apologize that you were overlooked. Several of us try very hard to make sure no one is overlooked. Did you send these messages recently?

  1. Have you tried rebooting the phone? If it was giving you memory warnings as you mentioned in number 4, it’s possible the memory is so full the phone cannot even load the launcher.

  2. If you cancel your service, your phone number will be lost. Did you want to look into buying a replacement phone, or moving your number to a different carrier?
    Instructions to cancel are here:

If you’re able to get the phone to boot properly, you might try working through this helpful topic, as it will help with some of the issues you’ve described:

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Thank you for your response. I will look into it.I am on overload with this phone at the moment
I have backup files and pics in my google drive. I am looking at buying a new phone also. Calls have been dropping out of the blue anywhere in our house or in town. What’s App conversations are cut.
Thanks for your support!

Sorry to hear all this has you on overload. It can be ovewhelming when multiple things seem to go wrong all at once.

Please let us know if you need any additional help.

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