Phone not optimized?

In searching for INFO here on my MOTO Z PLAY, which I have been using for several months on RW, I discover the phone is “not optimized” in this area! What does that mean and when will this happen.

Hi @donc.ezv6wh,

The Moto Z Play lacks hardware support for one of our cellular carrier partners. Since this is how the phone is designed and built by the manufacturer, this will not change.

HI @donc.ezv6wh,

I would add since you referenced using your Moto Z Play on Republic for several months; if you find the coverage experience satisfactory, that it can’t be “optimized” (due to hardware limitations) really doesn’t mean much. Facts on the ground always trump coverage estimates (no matter how arrived at) for me.

My phone has spotty coverage. I thought it needed updates. Now I find the phone I purchased has a new disclaimer saying it is not optimized for my area. Really disappointed in purchasing something without being told this would be an issue. First bad experience with Republic.

The lookup and coverage checker that indicates if the phone will work in an area and uses that language has been there a long time. Open a ticket our support may have options to try and help.

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