Phone not receiving incoming notification sounds-- texting, or anything else

What phone do you have? moto g6

What plan are you on? 2gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? all 3

Issue Description

I am using the regular messaging app. All the sudden I stopped being able to receive notifications that I have a text message. Vibrate is not working. And sound hasn’t been able to work for a week or so now. I have looked into all the settings both on the phone, and the app, also made sure battery saver was off. I have tried to restart my phone multiple times and nothing has worked. I am wondering if I need to do a factory reset, but based off some of the other similar topics, it is a hit and miss for people.

Is all sound not working or only notification sounds?

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Just notification sounds. If someone calls, it still rings. I am also able in the messaging app to select, make a sound when message sends and that works just fine. It’s just incoming messages and other notifications. I wonder if I accidentally said stop receiving notifications or something. It will sometimes let me know I have a message via the icon, but it’s a hit and miss but mostly it does show up.

Could you please try the following:

  • Try clear cache
  • Go to Apps > Settings > Sound > Advanced > Default Notification Sound and make sure it is not set to none.
  • Go to Settings > Apps > Messages > Notifications and see what sound is set. If you are using an app different than Messages, go to that app instead.
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Hi @dani.c.jardine

Are you still having notification issues?

I have been following this notification sound issue on the G6.
I have seen it here on the Republic board, on Reddit, on Moto’s board and now one of my parents phones (not on RW but it’s a G6).

When I finally got my hands on my moms phone I was able to test further.
In her case and in others I’ve read about, it seems that it is the FIRST notification sound that comes in that is at a VERY low volume.
In other-words, when she gets a phone call, (not a text) it too would have a very faint, first notification sound but the second and later rings are back to normal volume level. A text, only having a single onetime sound notification only gives out the low volume sound and thus is easy to miss.
I have yet to figure this out as the issue is erratic.
By chance have you noticed this with your phone?

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