Phone not recognizing cell data network this morning

What phone do you have? Moto G 5 plus

What plan are you on? Replublic Wireless 2GB plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

I can’t connect to my cell data plan this morning. I am away from WiFi but it will not let me connect to see how much cell data I have left or use any I have left. It even would not let me make a phone call which is weird as those are free on my plan.

Hi @timothyb.vcaqi1,

When you say “it will not let me” what happens? For example, when you try to make a call, what you do you see or hear instead of a completed call?

What does your cellular signal strength indicator show? Do you have “bars” and are there any letters on the bars?

Have you rebooted the phone?

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When I make a call I get the message Cellular network not available for voice calls. I am not sure about the indicator. I have a WiFi indicator with a question mark next to it (as I am not connected to WiFi) but not sure about cell data. I will try rebooting the phone now.

I have only used 43% cell data according to my settings but it does not seem active and when I restarted my phone it wants me to connect to WiFi immediately and gave me a notification about it.

I found the mobile data bar and it seems active and it says it is turned on and asked me if I want to turn it off. I hit cancel so that is good news. The letters are LTE. Republic app still says I am not activated which is odd.

Hi @timothyb.vcaqi1.

It’s definitely not a problem with your not having data available. Are you able to get to a place that has Wi-Fi so you could follow these instructions?

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No I will not be able to connect to WiFi until I get home this evening. Everything is working beside the republic app which is saying I need to connect to WIFI (not activated). Everything else is now working.

Thanks. I followed the instructions even though I was not connected to WiFi. I restarted the phone and now it works. Thanks.

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