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Hi! I bought the republic sim after checking that my phone (moto z play) is on the approved list. However upon installing the sim and the republic app to activate/set up my account, it says “my phone is not supported”…I bought this phone in Asia, is this the problem here? My phone is in ‘roaming’ and it works fine. What do I do? I don’t want to buy another phone…

Can I return the sim and get a refund for the cost including shipping if my phone/republic account fails to activate?

That is the problem. Only the US Version, Model **XT1635-02 **works with Republic as per: Republic Wireless Phones

To answer the second part of your question: If you’ve opened the SIM card, it is no longer returnable: “In order to be eligible for a Republic SIM card refund, you need to be within our Money Back Guarantee and your SIM card must be unopened and undamaged. If those requirements are met, we’ll refund the full amount you paid (plus taxes) for your SIM card (initial shipping is non-refundable). Please contact the Republic Help team to request a SIM card return.”

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