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Message notification on my phone keeps dropping off (Moto G6).
Any ideas?

I tested it tonight and confirmed it. Got off work, turned off wireless headphones, adjusted sound, and I was getting and hearing message notifications.
Then it just stopped.
Turning off the phone, then turning it back on seems to help, so something must be reset, but for the life of me, cannot figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.

@jartero13 - does turning Bluetooth off (since your headphones are wireless) make any difference?

Thinking that turning the phone off/on places the phone back in a position with Bluetooth off. Something quick and easy to try as a first troubleshooting step :relaxed:

Should also make sure you did not accidentally turn on Do Not Disturb when adjusting volume levels. Do not disturb settings will mute phone sound & vibration, block visual disturbances and set other android do not disturb exceptions such as Alarms, Media, touch sounds, events, messages, calls and more.

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Actually have looked at that.
Today, my bluetooth died, so had to go to back up with wired headphones.
Came home, set phone down, made sure all volumes turned on.

could hear notifications, then poof!.
Turns out, ‘Media Volume’ went down by itself (phone was right in front of me when notifications were not coming in and I checked all volumes again).

Since this latest update, this started to happened, so don’t know if Google or Motorola is responsible.

@jartero13 - We are not experiencing anything like this on either of our G6’s that were recently updated to Pie. So trying to think of easy troubleshooting steps that do not make any major changes to the system.

Are you running any third-party apps? I ask because it’s possible that one of them could be causing the problem. One way to check this is to start the phone in Safe Mode.

As the guide below states – Safe mode disables third-party applications, making this a good step to take to help ensure an app on your phone isn’t causing any issues.

Worth a quick check!

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@jartero13 Are you still looking for help with this?

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