Phone Number Held Hostage


I came here from Sprint. Now the fact is the service for price has just is not a value anymore. While I was able to port my wife’s number in, after having the same number for 10 years I am finding out the number has stopped being portable from Republic. To be honest it seems totally unreasonable and unfair.

To say I am disappointed would be an understatement.

Feeling Burned.


I’m sorry but the information you’ve been given is incorrect. If the provider telling you this is Cricket, well, they’re just lying. Cricket refuses Republic numbers. This is their policy, not Republic’s. A fellow customer has created this document for a workaround for getting your number over to Cricket:

EDITED TO ADD: The FCC has some very specific rules regarding porting, and Republic not only doesn’t want to keep your number, but is prohibited from doing so by law. On the other hand, no carrier is forced to accept a number, and if my assumption regarding carriers is correct, your beef is with Cricket.


Yep, it’s you new carrier’s fault and not Republic Wireless.



Thank you.

Apologies to Republic. Had high hopes for the local guys. but I’m the wrong guy for them. Until there are unlimited phone options combined with solid pricing it will be tough. Multiple lines have made other providers less expensive…and easier to get new phones.


Multiple line pricing is an issue and good reason for leaving.

Phones are available for purchase at Amazon, Best Buy, and many other locations. Republic has a pretty good selection with the exception of the Apple phones.

So if you want an Apple phone then that’s an issue and good reason for leaving.

Unfortunately, the hybrid nature of Republic’s WiFi and cellular calling, has made getting an Apple product a tough nut to crack.

Understand that Cricket or any other carrier only supports the phones they sell. So if you bring a phone to them that they don’t sell and have issues, they wouldn’t help you.


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