Phone number ID incorrect outgoing calls

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Moto G5
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Issue Description

My outgoing calls are showing up as the wrong ID phone number on my friend’s phone plus my friends can call me back at that incorrect number what is going on

Is the Republic App installed and updated?
What you are seeing is the underlying carrier number used to route calls over the cell network.

Try refreshing the Activation when on wifi then reboot the phone.

Edit: Unless this is a new activation? Your profile says you have the Moto X 2nd gen. If you recently upgraded and activated your G5, did you select the option to transfer your old number over to the G5 to activate it as a replacement phone? If not, then it would have activated with a new line and number on your account.

I upgreaded from a Moto X to a Moto g5 plus a few months back and I transfered my old number to this phone. I’m worried that perhaps my number is being spoofed.

I called my friend from my phone and it showed up as a number that is not mine. Also my friend was able to call me back from this mystery number. I did a reverse phone look up and it said the number was based out of a city that is in the same state as me but not the one I live in.

My Republic Wireless app is up to date. and I tried refreshing the activation. After I rebooted the phone my friend was still able to reach me at the mystery number.

It is not a mystery number. It is a hidden underlying carrier number used to route incoming calls over the partner carrier cell network. All R.W phones have this, even you old Moto X. You need not concern yourself with it nor should it be used as it can sometimes change.

Number spoofing is when the outgoing caller ID info is changed so that when someone else calls another person it shows that number.

Are you using the normal built in dialer app and not a 3rd party dialer app like Google Voice?

Does your R.W number show up in the R.W. app and is it the same one in the phones System settings, About Phone, My Number screen?

Yes all numbers match. I am using the standard dialer. Phone calls from this phone showed as a different number. Also phone calls to the strange number are ringing my phone.

Is this happening when you are making a call on wifi or cell?
Do you reboot the phone after you did the Refresh Activation?
The number that shows on the other persons caller ID is different than the number shown in the R.W app? Correct?

The only information I can find on this issue says to refresh the Activation, which you state you have done. I am not sure how to troubleshoot futher.

I suggest you Open a ticket and describe your issue and the steps you have taken so far to trouble shoot the issue and support can help further or look at things on the back-end.

This is expected behavior. Again, this number should not be used or given out to people for them to call or text you on.

Hi @naml.maqpik,

I notice you wrote “showed” in the past tense.

If your RW number is now showing, there is no reason to open a ticket. It sounds like you have corrected the issue.

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