Phone Number Issues

What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy A11

What plan are you on? My Choice Talk & Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 5 GB data

Issue Description

I recently got this phone, and transferred my old number to it. Something happened that I don’t understand. My phone works just fine, but it is not using my old number, it’s using the new one. I went into settings to find out what number was attached to my new phone, and my old number was listed as the phone’s number. Should be good then, right? wrong! haha! No one can reach me through my old number, and some people cant reach me through my new one. It was suggested to me to turn off wi-0fi calling and I did that. Bottom line, my phone should be using my old number, as it claims to be set up to do that in the settings. My phone is having a number issue and I need people to be able to reach me, Please le me know what’s happening and how we can fix it. Republic said it’s a problem on my end, but then I got no other help. Who’s got some solution, cuz I’m all ears!

Hi @kates.cl3xo6,

Welcome to Republic’s Member Community :slight_smile:

Please go over this guide (especially the part about not putting the Republic app to sleep.)

That should help! Please let us know if it how it goes :slight_smile:


this was super helpful! All i needed to do was ensure the republic app didnt go to sleep. that was the problem. thank you so much! have a beautiful day today and everyday!


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