Phone number showing up in received texts

Phone: Moto X4

Plan: talk & text only (My Choice Talk & Text)

Sometimes when I text others, my own text shows up as a received text with my regular 319 number as if my phone does not recognize that it sent the text. This results in separate email threads from my initial text with the person as it creates a group text. I think this may be more likely to occur when I am texting someone with Verizon, but am not positive.

Moto X4, My Choice Talk & Text (talk & text only)

I have had this phone for over 2 years and last week my boss received a text from me at a different number. I am assuming this is the number my usual number is ported over, however I don’t understand why this would suddenly occur. I am concerned it will cause confusion with communication. I am using the Google Messages app like I always have.

Hi @melanieb.wes8ay,

I’ve merged your two topics into one, because I believe the issues are related. Please try the steps in this Help Article and let us know if they solve both issues:

I have taken both of the steps recommended in the article: reactivation and phone number verification. Will let you know if I experience any further issues. Thanks.

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