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I have a new used unlocked moto G3 phone that I want to transfer everything to.
I want to keep my old number that I have had with RW since I started, however your number transfer verification says I can not do that. Of course I think that is foolish to believe. Please provide some simple help. Thank you.

The number transfer process and related checker applies to a number currently with
another provider that you want to transfer to the Republic Wireless.

If you already have a Republic Wireless number, rest assured that you will be able to move it to another phone as outlined in this document

As to your first statement. The Moto G3 that works with RW service was a custom RW phone
that works on the older 1.0 or 2.0 plans. A generic unlocked Moto G3 cannot be activated with RW service.

See here for additional details


Is the G3 a Republic wireless G3 or a unlocked G3? We only support that phone with our custom ROM if it was not make for our service it will not work with us.

It was advertised on ebay as a unlocked Moto G3. I bought it because of its water resistant properties. So, you are telling me that I have to buy a phone from RW to continue service or at least one that was originally purchased from RW? How does that make my life easier, not that anyone cares.


The Moto G3 was launched in October of 2015 on our network. It was the last phone that we had to have Motorola customize the ROM for. Because of our hybrid service we can’t just use any phone. The newer phones are all factory unlocked models, but even now, we cannot work with every phone.

No. You can get a compatible phone anywhere you like.

We do care, that is why we try and let everyone know what they need. Unfortunately, we can’t reach everyone.

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here a list of republic supported phones (legacy phones on the bottom of the list have the custom ROM are need to keep the 1.0 or 2.0 refund plans) the rest use the my choice plans and are North American factory unlock models (no international or carrier models)

thank you for responding. How do I know what a compatible phone is?

one needs to find the correct model number (and in some cases build number) as listed in the supported phones page (a seller should be able to provide this information
for Legacy phones one must make sure they are the Republic version

Legacy phones listed on Swappa or eBay and advertised as RW G3, etc. should be the custom ROM models and compatible…


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