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Hello I can’t seem to call numbers with my phone that use the ‘,’ separator for extensions or other options. The wait also doesn’t work. I get an error message that states “dialed number is not allowed”. Is this not allowed with republic wireless?

Hi Joseph and welcome back to the community. You are indeed correct, Republic does not currently support the ability to insert pauses in dialed numbers.

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Hi @josephd.js8jqs,

I’ve added you to a list of people who have requested this functionality, so our developers can be aware of the need for this option. Knowing that it’s something members need helps them prioritize the request among the other projects they have before them.

Thanks for letting us know it’s something you’ve needed to be able to use.

For anyone else curious about this, this feature and instructions to be added to the request-list are documented in our Help Center at:

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I’d also like to see this feature added and I’ve opened a help ticket (1991290) requesting it to be linked to the master ticket #1435969.

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