Phone order query

I ordered two phones on 4 January and have not received a tracking number or any communicatio

Hello witmo!

There is currently a delay in receiving shipment notification. Some folks are getting their notifications AFTER the products arrive: Republic Wireless Status - Delay to Shipping Confirmation E-mails

This was my experience too when ordering SIM cards.

I never received a tracking number. Phone showed up a week later

I ordered a new phone on Dec. 30 and it JUST had a label made for it according to UPS. I am supposed to receive it today. Is this because DISH network bought Republic Wireless out? I have never had so many problems as I have this time. Seriously thinking of taking my business somewhere else. The customer service is ridiculous now.

If you haven’t noticed this yet

So, even if you receive the phone soon…you might not be able to do anything with it…until this process becomes available.

You way also want to keep an eye on this status page