Phone performance is getting worse


What phone do you have?
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

I have a Moto G3 that is less than 2 years old. I have the $17.50 plan with .5 GB of data. For months now my phone has been acting very slow…much longer than it used to be for aps to come on, navigating through aps is slow and now I have a reoccuring "SIM card error " message. I had some shopping aps on the phone but have uninstalled them. I h ave 2 cleaning aps and that seems to help a little, but not much. The battery seems to drain a lot quicker than it used to as well. I have placed most of my photos on a storage card. My RAM runs at 80% most of the time. We did move in late May but the WiFi to the house seems to be doing its job…I do find I turn it off if going in certain places because it goes to roaming and uses up a lot of battery. Would turning off the Google aps I do not use help? If so, how do I do that? Any sugggestions to to save this phone or do I need to purchase a new one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!


My mother-in-law has a Moto G3. When it starts running slow I usually go through and delete the multiple anti-virus apps, cleaning apps, gaming apps, remove the photos and videos she already has backed up, and clear the app and system caches. This usually fixes it for six months until I have to repeat the process all over again.

If you are in a roaming area, you can expect battery life to be rather poor. RAM at 80% is fine. The operating system will largely manage RAM as needed. I wouldn’t bother trying to turn off any of the built in Google apps.


He’s right. Cleaning apps are mostly snake oil. Snake oil aps promise to work miracles, but, mostly what they do is feed you banner ads or spy on your web browsing. But, they gum up the works and slow your phone down. Delete the cleaner apps. Shopping apps are even worse. Unless they’re saving you a whole lotta money, I also recommend that you delete them. They’re probably not worth the headache they cause, unless they save you enough money to buy a better phone.

As for the SIM card error, that may indicate that the metal contacts have finger oil on them and the contact between the card and the card slot mechanism had degraded. To fix this, carefully remove the SIM card and clean the contacts with alcohol. Then, being careful not to touch the contacts with your fingers, reinsert the SIM card. That usually fixes SIM card errors.


In addition to what the others have recommended, I suggest that you try to use mobile web pages instead of apps when possible. Many providers have mobile sites (Facebook, news organizations, stores, etc.) that can provide most of the experience of their proprietary apps. Once you have the home page of the site in your browser (Chrome or Firefox), you can save it to your home screen on the phone. In many cases it will put an icon there and look just like an “app” but is really only a link that is accessed by your browser. This will free up your system and hopefully speed it up as well.


I usually do a factory reset on my phone when it gets slow, usually about once a year. I also uninstall unused apps every month or so. I find the factory reset helps. However, it’s a bit of a pain so I can see it is not for everyone.


The SIM card error message could be a false indication, as described in this thread:


For laggy phones, I typically recommend the following steps. These steps are done one at a time and then test.

  1. Start with clearing the system and app cache.
    Clearing the Cache – Republic Help

  2. Next, let’s make sure some app isn’t causing this by starting in Safe Mode? Use the phone in Safe mode for awhile to see if your issue keeps happening.
    Safe Mode – Republic Help

  3. Finally, if that doesn’t do it, you should try a factory reset. Beware, this deletes all the added content on your phone. The link also provides informational links on how to backup your data like contacts and pictures
    Factory Reset – Republic Help


I did a factory reset yesterday afternoon and have not had any problems with inbound calls since. I was able to pick up all 4 calls that came in.


As of today, all my calls are disconnecting when I pick them up. I hear a shrill tone twice and then the call disconnects. A factory reset was not a permanent solution for me.


Thanks to everyone for the suggestions…I used some of them, cleaned a lot off my phone, and it seems to be performing better and battery is lasting longer. Really appreciate your help!!!


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