Phone plans for motoG 5



I have had the motoG (1st gen) from RW for the past 2+ years and have been very happy, particularly with my unlimited talk, text and 3G data plan for about $30 a month. I’ve figured that it is approaching the time to upgrade to a new phone and the G5 seems like a great choice but I am worried about losing my old plan. From what I’ve seen, only the new plans (pay per gigabyte of data) are available on newer phones and the amount of data that I would be using would make it not worth my while to stay with republic if that was the case. Can I get the unlimited data plans on the motoG5?


Sorry to say but there no way to keep the unlimited plan (Republic was always about off loading as much as possible the unlimited data was to be used only occasionally (bad planning on Republic’s part) it was this reason that unlimited plans have not been offered in over 2 years (end of June 2015)
the current plan are still fair for $20+tax is 1 GB, $30+tax for 2 GB, $45+tax for 4 GB
all speed is at 4G LTE speeds (if tower supports it) where the old plans where $25+tax for 3G speeds and $40+tax for 4G LTE (on phones able to use it)

if you use more than 4 GB then Republic might not be the carrier for you (all new 3.0 phones or 3.0 BYOD phones are unlock and can be used on any carrier willing to activate them


Thank you for clarifying, this was very helpful. For the 4G LTE plans though, does it slow down too slower speeds after whatever data you pay for (like most other carriers do) or do they continue to charge you as you pass the data allotment?


Neither, data simply stops until one’s next bill cycle date unless one proactively chooses to buy more.


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