Phone Pricing for Moto E5 Play

the moto E5 play is $129 at Republic, only $80 at Consumer cellar? looking for a phone for my mom, she’s on a budget?

Some carriers subsidize the cost of the phone to get you to buy their service. Republic Wireless isn’t doing this. The Consumer Cellular offer is for a phone locked to Consumer Cellular for some period of time. From their FAQ:

Phones sold by Consumer Cellular are designed to work specifically on our service. To allow us to make them more affordable for our customers, Consumer Cellular sells them at a price that is actually below cost. To help offset this loss, phones can only be used with Consumer Cellular service for the first six months they are in use. After that, customers may request that the phone be unlocked so long as the device has been paid in full, and the account in question is not past due.

Republic Wireless only supports North American versions of the following factory unlocked phones:

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I will also note if a carrier is locking the phone then that phone is not the North American(US Market) Factory unlock model and will not work with Republic even after it’s unlocked


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