Phone problem with Nexus 6


Why does my phone echo when I’m talking to someone


Echo is something that is always present on all phones, wireline or wireless. It is something that has been around forever. To understand it, it is necessary to know some of the following:

  • Who hears the Echo, far end (them) or near end (you)?
  • Is this present on Cell, WiFi or both?
    • make a call to someone on WiFi and then when the level of Echo is determined, handover the call to Cell (setting in RW app required)
    • Is it better or worse?

Post back what you determine


Does this occur primarily on speaker phone? There was a problem with early releases of Android 7.1.1 that caused echo on speaker phone with the Nexus 6. It was fixed with the March 2017 security update. You might wish to update to the latest version of Android for the Nexus 6 if this is the case.