Phone randomly shuts down

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on? my plan is My choice with 1 GB of data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

My Nexus 6 is randomly shutting down.Often while playing Pokemon go Battery says it has a charge. Doing this today while reading mail…At home with my WiFi. Sometimes I have seen the no wifi note and something maybe blocking Republic wireless…no service this is on my home wifi not just out and about…Any ideas.It does come back up when I push the on button. But. Not feeling happy

Hi @corwinr

Sorry to hear your phone isn’t acting normally. Trouble shooting why it shuts down is kind of hard.

What I do know is that a Nexus 6 is an aging phone first coming out in 2014. How long have you had this phone?

Anyways, do you know what you are doing when it shuts down normally and what the phone is like? You say it is most often playing Pokemon Go.

Do you know what the battery percentage is at? One of my older Moto X phones was misreading the battery level and at 15% or so left, it shuts down.

This is a common thing for that phone at its age point.

Sudden shut downs under medium to heavy usage conditions most commonly is due to a weak/aged battery that is no longer able to properly provide steady power to the phone.
I suggest taking the phone to a repair center, like CPR and have the battery replaced.

Overheating can also cause a phone to suddenly shut off.

The most common reason that a phone shuts down while in use is an app that is behaving badly. It is probably consuming so much memory that the phone is shutting down to protect itself.

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O? It has been a few years since I messed with roms and making apps, but when I did, if the phones memory filled up, the phone just froze. Having to do a soft reset (forced restart) to clear the memory and work again. Filling memory does not damage a phone, nor a computer.

It is not just a matter of filling memory. If the app is bad it can make the phone workt very hard, heart up the battery and other things so in some situations the phone will restart. Other app related problems can happen too, but it is usually some app.

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