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Both my phone, Moto X (1st gen) and my Hearing Aids are aging and may need replacing soon. does anyone have any recommendations for hearing aids that can pair to an Android phone without an intermediary device? I’ve seen a few discussions about pairing hearing aids to Android. Has anyone had a good experience with a particular combination of phone and hearing aid?

thanks in advance.

Hi @michaelh.eacyet and welcome to the Community!

Candidly, I have no experience with hearing aids and phones. Hopefully, those here with experience will chime in. Meanwhile, I thought this might be of interest to you: Hearing Aid Compatibility.

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While I have no direct experience with hearing aids, I have indirect experience with my father-in-law. A lot of hearing aids have Bluetooth capability. His does and he has the ability to answer calls from hearing. I would recommend you talk to whomever you are going to purchase the hearing aids from for options.

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