Phone recommendation, Moto G1 is too slow

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Issue Description

Moto G1
My Moto Z Play died.
I deliver food for GrubHub with App.
So I bought a used G1
Phone is slow as molasses.
Constantly losing Data Connection while
GrubHub App is running
Especially in downtown Lancaster, PA
So I have “Missed Offers” from GrubHub
which hurts my Stats and earnings!
I need a better, faster Moto phone instead of this slow G1.
Any suggestions?
Already reset G1 and uninstalled all unnecessary apps. Help!

Any of the 4G LTE phones compatible with Republic Wireless should be fine. The Moto G 1st gen is only 3G capable, and Sprint’s 3G was never very good. Do yourself a favor, though, and don’t buy something more than a couple years old.

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That phone was a basic entry level device in 2013. I would think that in a race molasses would beat it by a mile.

Having no idea what your budget is, it’s hard to make a recommendation. If you can swing the cost the Pixel 3a is hard to beat right now or the Moto X4 (

I hear you. 3G is terrible.

I regret buying this Legacy ■■■■.

So slow.

What about a Moto X XT1049 1st Gen?

It is old but it would be better and faster then G1?

I have limited money.

More of concern is that the Android OS on those legacy phones is very outdated and most apps no longer support it and can not be used on those phones.

I have the Sprint version of that phone and still use it some, but it’s getting to the point where I won’t use it much longer. It’s just doesn’t have the memory, OS updates, and processing power to handle many of the newer apps. It barely gets by.

Hi @gregy.bghrsd,

Candidly, if you’re going to be using GrubHub’s app while out and about, you’re better off with a newer Republic compatible phone. Not only would the phone be better but the data is cheaper. I suggest this resource for sourcing a newer phone:

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OK, I actually did read this a few weeks ago. But I am reading again.
Thanks for advice!
Please close this ticket.

Great point. I am purchasing a newer Moto.

Thank you!

Hi @gregy.bghrsd,

You’ve opened a discussion in Republic’s Community forums rather than a ticket. Consequently there is nothing to close. For this particular question, in my opinion, you asked the question in the right place. You’ve received advice as good as if not better than what you would have received via ticket. :relaxed:

I agree. I am buying a New Moto G7.

I can’t handle this Moto G1 crashing my apps and having less speed then Dial Up.

Even when on a 802.11 AC with excellent Link Speed,

Thank you for great advice!

Moto G7 is an excellent choice, as long as you don’t care about NFC. I’ve had one for about 6 weeks and I am very happy with it. Good battery life, nice big screen, and pretty responsive. It works well with Republic.

What do you think about Moto G5S?

That one seems a little expensive for an older phone with wear and tear. I think there are better deals.

Hi @gregy.bghrsd,

The Moto G5 Plus is a solid if no longer spectacular phone. The phone listed is Republic compatible and the seller has an excellent feedback reputation. I’d say the price is fair. There are some on Swappa as well linked here:

I’d also consider a 1st gen Google Pixel. It’s good phone and can be had for only a little more money on the refurbished market. I understand that it works well with Republic also.

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Hi @gregy.bghrsd,

Let us know which phone you end up selecting. If we happen to have a case for it in the Community Treasure Chest, we’ll send one your way, along with a car vent phone mount, if you need one.

New for $130 better to me.



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Thanks. I ended up buying a refurbished G5+ from another eBay seller.

Then I read in Community post: “How To Find A Compatible Unlocked Phone”

in Tips and Tricks

Moto G5+

I’ve recently begun seeing eBay and Amazon sellers advertising phones as the XT1687 or as “Unlocked” and saying it works with all carriers. However, that’s not what they’re selling. They’re generally Mexican versions (software channel AMXLA) which means they
are incompatible with Republic. This creates an unfortunate situation where the only way to tell if the phone is the US FACTORY Unlocked version is to check the software channel on the phone and be sure it is RETUS or AMZN.

I hope this phone is not a Mexican Version as described above.

I sent seller a request to check Software Channel before shipping.

One question I have is:

If the MPN listed in auction is - 01110NARTL

Can I be assured phone is a US Factory Unlocked Version?

Message an
Expert customer