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I am looking for a Android Phone which when unlocked will work with Republic Wireless. I want a phone with 4-4.5" screen. I want specs to be to match the MOTO G4 Play. I wish Republic offered small phones that would work in my area.

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the phone your looking for does not exist for Republic
the only phones that came close in size was the legacy phones Moto X 1st, Moto G 1st, Moto E 1st and Moto E 2nd and I would not put any of them up against the Moto G4 Play
(other than the iPhone SE the industry has abandon this size phone)
the current smaller phones are at 5" screens
The Moto G4 Play, Alcatel A30 , and the Samsung Galaxy J3

There are a couple of sites that let you compare phones by size. One of my reasons for buying the S7 was that it was about the same size as my X2. Here is one of those sites:


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As others have stated, there is not going to be a phone that meets your criteria. The closest ones are the Moto G4 Play and Samsung J3 that are 5 inch screens.


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