Phone recommendations for kids

Hi. I’m wondering if any parents out there have recommendations for cell phones for kids (8yr old). I’m thinking something similar to “The Light Phone”. Call & Text & GPS but little beyond that.

Thanks in advance.

My kid’s first phone (age 5, I think) was a Moto G hand me down. As he wanted more space and wanted to play some games, his second phone was a Moto X2. He had that for a number of years. I used Qustodio, and later Google Family Link, to aid in monitoring and controlling usage. He is now a teen and using an aging Razer Phone 2. I just don’t think the phones targeted at kids are really worthwhile. But you know your kid better than anyone, so whatever you decide, good luck.

@cbwahlstrom Thank you for your reply. I’m on the fence of those routes. I agree the “kid phones” look poorly thought out or cheap. But I’m also worried about my kid having a device with internet/social media access and the like. Knowing my 8yr old - she’s going to be susceptible to that sort of thing.

Just curious if you felt you had to ‘dumb’ down the phone or place parental controls on it.

Like I said, I used Qustodio and Google Family Link. These can be used to lock down apps, stop apps from installing, and in the case of Qustodio, read the kids texts, call records, and more. That being said, none of that is a substitute for active parenting. With regard to my kid, the phone has been less of a problem than the wasted time watching annoying YouTube videos on the TV.