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I have 2 phones under my account. I recently purchased a moto g4 plus to replace my moto g. However when I purchases the new phone there was no option for me to set the new phone as a replacement, I was hoping I will still be able to transfer my old number from the moto g to the new g4 plus when I receive the phone?

During the activation of your new G4 you will be given the option to replace another RW phone and if this option is chosen the number will be transferred. After the transfer is complete the old g model will be deactivated.

I have the same situation I purchase the new G4 plus and have the two phones on my account but it didn’t give me the option to keep my plan that I have I’m not very happy about this what can I do to rectify it.

there no saving a 1.0/2.0 plan on a 3.0 phones

all 3.0 phones need to use the 3.0 plans

the only way to restore the old plans is to use the old legacy phones

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Hi @victors.y3tqis and @cyndam!

There is indeed a way to transfer your number. There should be an option (after signing in) to “Upgrade/replace existing line.” That will move the phone number over from the old phone to the new one. I would suggest taking a look at this document that walks you through the activation process (including moving your number to the new phone):

Hope that helps!


Hi @cyndam,

As pointed out by @drm186, keeping a grandfathered plan with a new Republic phone isn’t possible. You may, however, transfer the number from old to new phone. Were you able to do that or did the new phone activate with a new number?

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