Phone reports cell data usage by two different dates


Hi. If I access my cell data usage from the Republic app in the options from the pull-down at the top of my screen, it reports data usage from the 21st to the next 20th of a month, but if I open up the Republic app directly from the apps on my phone, it reports from the actual billing period of the 13th-12th (see screenshots). I am guessing I received and set up my new phone on the 20th but the billing period is based on my last payback plan on my old phone. Is there a way to sync these up somehow so it’s always reporting data usage from the same period? It’s more a nuisance than an actual problem, but it would be nice to fix anyway.


Not sure if the second screenshot came through the first time. Trying again…


when your billing date
from the Republic app it looks to be 23 days away while the Android setting is set for day after tomorrow (Mar 21- Apr 20)
one can change the android setting to match the billing cycle by going into the more settings and changing your Billing cycle Monthly starting date

due note the Android setting will be higher than what’s reported in the Republic app as Republic does use some data that you are not charged for (this should not be much higher just a few to 100 mb

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Thank you! I didn’t realize clicking on the billing cycle date would allow me to edit it. I thought it was just static info. :rofl:


your most welcome
(the android settings typically starts the day the phone is powered up while Republic uses the day the line was first activated)

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