Phone reset and losing emails

This is not EXACTLY a republic wireless issue and have mobile phone service through RW…I am desperate for help…

I have a Samsung phone and was having trouble receiving text messages, so I was instructed to do a reset of the phone. I read all the instructions and warnings about losing data. I thought that I should protect my emails, rather than losing them, so I forwarded them from my Century Link account (main) to a back up email account (Gmail). Ever since this action, I get emails into my CL account but as soon as they hit the inbox, they disappear, not in trash or folders, just vanish… I spent 1:45 with CL to no avail, no resolution. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can fix this?

You can disable the forwarding of emails using the instructions here


at least disable “Don’t keep a local copy of messages

so that you will still have local copies of your Century Link email

Carefully check the email address where they were being forwarded…in case you have multiple gmail


Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I had already done both the steps you suggested and the problem persists. Appreciate the effort.

Was the forwarding set up as per these instructions…or does the gmail address…access the email over POP?

I am guessing that it is accessed over POP…

Look at your gmail settings for the POP access…there should be an option to keep a copy on the server.

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