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My son went to enter in his password pin to enter into his phone and, apparently, it was not correct. It warned him that the phone would reset if he entered it incorrectly again. He entered the PIN, and swears that it was correct, and the phone reset. He sent me a text and it was a different phone number. I called him on his original phone number and it went to voice mail. I called him at the new number that came up and was able to talk to him. What do we need to do???


Hi @erikl.36oq2z,

Please have your son make sure the Republic Wireless app is installed and up to date. If it’s one of our earlier phones, please also make sure the Republic Telephony app is up to date. Then, with the phone on Wi-Fi, refresh the Republic activation.

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Ok, thanks. It’s not an earlier phone. I think he got it less than a year ago. And refreshing the activation will give him his old number back?


Hi @erikl.36oq2z,

Other than submitting a request through the app to specifically request a new number (an act that requires the account owner’s login credentials) or canceling (which also requires account login) there’s nothing that you can do to the phone that would lose the number. A factory reset does not change the account. It’s just a matter of re-syncing the phone with our servers.

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Well, I’m not sure what happened then because the phone number that came up when he sent me the text is not the same as his original number.


It is probably his internal number


I understand, @erikl.36oq2z, and I’m not trying to suggest your experience is anything other than what’s been described, just assuring you the old number isn’t lost, it’s just not syncing with the phone correctly from our servers.


He is back up and running! Thank you!

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