Phone rings once or not at all, and goes straight to voicemail

Hi @janicem.5rzxej,

@jben’s answer is very likely more thorough than mine would have been. If the problem has persisted despite implementing the Macrodroid workaround, I hope you’ll let the Community work through that with you.

I’ve created a bug ticket for the matter that is still pending technical review, but I hope we’ll be able to have our engineers take another look at what’s happening and see if they can develop any further workaround to prevent missed calls when the phone goes into this “Doze” mode.


Yes his reply was very thorough and explained very well what is happening so that even a simple person such as I can understand it. . As long as I keep the Macrodroid on my phone, that seems to prevent the missed calls. I had deactivated it to see whether or not the same thing would happen, and it did, so I will have to keep it. Thanks for your help. :laughing:

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Thank you so much for your detailed reply. You have explained very well why this happens. As long as I keep the MacroDroid app on my phone I do not miss calls. I had deactivated it to see what would happen, and sure enough, same thing again with the missed calls. So I will keep it and decide in the next few months whether I want to change to another carrier. I have had the Pixel phone for only a year, and it was not cheap, so I want to keep that for at least another year or more. :laughing:

Hi @janicem.5rzxej,
Thanks for the feedback on your double verification … feedback on suggested ‘fixes’ (good or bad) is very important to those of us who try to support our fellow Republic Wireless Members. It is how we all keep learning in this ever changing tech world we live in, and for some of us who have been at it for a long time it is one of the key ways we have fun.

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