Phone says emergency calls only


What phone do you have? moto pure

What plan are you on? unlimited data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes it includes data

Issue Description

so I thought I was pretty good with technology but for this one I'm going to say that I know absolutely nothing about technology because now my phone continually says emergency calls only but it seems like it's after I put it on airplane mode I'm at home in my own Wi-Fi why does it say emergency calls only I used to be able to make phone calls when I was out away from home but now I can't it says no Internet available I need my phone to be able to work at work and connect to the wi-fi at work and I can't this issue has been going on for I don't know couple months I know I put in a ticket about this once I thought it was resolved and its back why does my phone do this? Does it have anything to do with me turning on and turning off airplane mode I use airplane mode at home at night when I'm sleeping so it doesn't eat up my battery I use it when I'm driving long distance and I don't need my phone and so it doesn't eat up my battery I've tried the battery saver mode that is difficult for me cuz it doesn't allow me to do certain things that I need to do I'm really frustrated with the unreliability of my phone maybe it's operator error I don't know but if it is I need to learn about this please help me

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Please simply try removing and reinserting the SIM card to see if it resolves the issue.


Android 7.0


The last picture clearly shows that the SIM card wasn’t inserted. The next screenshot from 36 minutes later shows the SIM is inserted and cell signal is aquired.
If the SIM is physically inserted but the device says No SIM, power it off and try cleaning the SIM card.

Shutting off the cell radio won’t affect power usage much unless it is constantly searching for service.


Tried adding screen shots from my phone to show the messages I get. Why do I get these messages? Does it have anything to do with my using the airplane mode?
That’s what’s confusing. I never touched the sim card


Airplane mode has no affect on SIM presence. In airplane mode the cell icon shouldn’t show in the top bar. When you pull the status bar down, the icon will look like the signal bar with a slash through it. The No SIM message means the phone doesn’t seem a SIM card physically present. A sharp jolt to the socket can jam it too far in. A drop can pop it loose. You can always remove and reinsert it. Make sure to power it off before removing or inserting the SIM.


Thank you. For the input. That may explain the issues with the sim card. It seems to happen frequently.


Also update the Republic app. A new update just hit that has a diagnostic option. It will tell you if it sees the SIM, what network it’s connected to, and lots of useful info!



Hi @christopherh.9jbpel,

Have you been able to resolve the issue you were having with the phone failing to recognize the SIM card?



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