Phone says "No SIM card'

Just noticed under mobile data it says no SIM card, took SIM card already installed out and reinstalled and restarted phone now okay. Just text my wife to tell her I didn’t know when she sent last text because I just got it, now she text me that her phone says no SIM card.?
Moto x4 and Moro g7 anyone else seeing this today?

Hello @jeffa.gvyadu
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As far as I know, no.
The Republic Systems page all looks normal

So far you and your wife’s phones look like the the only ones.

It’s not unheard of a SIM suddenly having an issue, and doing what you did (take it out and re-seat it), is often the cure. Was your wife able to also remove the SIM and get the phone working again?

It is odd tho to have 2 phone do that in the same family around the same time :thinking:

Her phone resolved itself,issue has not come up again.Never had this before and like you said strange to happen to two different phones, and we were in different locations…

Happy to hear your phones have both been fine for about a week now! :slight_smile:

If it happens again please let the Community know. You might be advised to open a ticket at that point.

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