Phone screen broke, Financing a new phone

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I woke up this morning to find my phone screen (Samsun Galaxy J3, purchased March 2017 ) overcome with a purple distortion which eventually rendered the phone un-useable. I’m not sure how salvagaeble it is. I don’t recall dropping it anytime lately.

If I have to buy a new phone, I will likely finance it. My question is, at any point can I just stop the finance/monthly biill and pay the remainder of the financing bill in full?


Financing, if done through Republic is provided by Affirm. Republic’s documentation is here: Financing with Affirm – Republic Help

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Using the word financing in the forum search here, I got a link to the FAQs for Affirm, the financing company RW partnered with. Affirm FAQs

In there, it says you can pay it off early with no penalty.


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