Phone service in Greece - how to switch to wifi only plan


I have a Moto Z Play with a My Choice + 7GB plan. I’m traveling to Greece and want to switch to the WiFi only plan. How do I do this? If I change my Data to 0GB is this the same thing? When I tried to change my plan this was the only option and it changes it to a Talk and Text plan for $15/month. Help - I leave in less than 24 hours! It wasn’t like this the last time I traveled internationally to Cuba.


Hi @hermanv,

I’m afraid there is no WiFi only option with Republic’s newer phones. On the other hand, you would likely have the ability to use your Moto Z Play with local Greek cellular providers (something not possible on your previous Republic phone) were you so inclined. More detail here: International Travel with a Republic Phone,


Thanks! Just read the details and tested it out with sending a text to my husbands phone with airplane mode enabled and wifi and it worked! Seems easy enough as long as I can find wifi spots in Greece. Again, thanks!


Here’s a good article on local Greek providers

On my recent visit to Greece… I was able to get by with simply using WiFi on my RW phone.
There was one instance when our airport shuttle didn’t arrive on one of the islands and it would have been useful to have a local SIM to make local calls to our hotel. However, we were able to request one of the travel services attendants make a call on our behalf. They were most helpful.

WiFi availability is widespread. So, for most tourist-centric areas we were able to readily find WiFi for any of our data needs.


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