Phone submerged in water - need help

Hi all,

My father fell into the pool with his phone (Moto X Gen 1) in his pocket. He is on original $10/mo plan. He currently has the phone in rice, but I doubt he will be able to recover it. I have an old Moto X Gen 1 that I can give him right now…is it as simple as just taking the chip out of the old phone and putting it into the new phone? Will walk him right through the process and he get him up and running?



  1. Take the phone out of rice. It does nothing. Put it in a sunny place with good airflow. Have a fan, point it at the phone. Leave it for 24 hours, do NOT charge it, do NOT try to turn it on.

  2. You can give him the Moto X. There is nothing to move. You should factory reset the phone (if that hasn’t happened already) and just follow the on screen activation prompts. When asked, please select “replacement” which will allow you to select your son’s number to move.

Excellent, thank you very much for the info.

Hi @frankr.pii5yb

I am guessing by “chip” you are talking about the SIM card. The answer is ‘no’, the X1 is a CDMA phone and the SIM is tied to the phone itself, not the service, and is used solely for access to 4G. If your old device has it SIM still installed, your good to go, if not, RW will send you one.

It is still a very easy process to switch devices. We would recommend doing a FDR(factory data reset) on your old phone so it has a clean start. Then, simply start the activation process and sign into RW, Google, etc. using your fathers credentials. You will choose existing account, and choose his phone number as the service line you want to use on that device.

Documentation can be found here:

Reactivating My Republic Phone

Activate My Phone

Please feel free to reply is you have additional questions and/or would like additional assistance and the community will be glad to help get your father up and running on the replacement device.

Thank you very much for the links and advice. I am going to wait a day, just to see what happens with his old phone, before we transfer him to my phone. I’ll follow up tomorrow with updates…

If you’d like him to have service, there’s no risk in moving him. If his phone comes back to life, you just repeat the process tomorrow on that phone and voila, he’s moved back.

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