Phone support for moto edge 2021?

Since republic supports the moto edge 2020, any reason to think they won’t support the moto edge 2021 as well? I know they won’t comment on things until it’s confirmed but it seems to me the phones are very similar, 5G, etc, so why wouldn’t they support the moto edge 2021? Or am I wrong?

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Hi @gark,

Please see my response in the Pixel topic: at Pixel 5a 5G: How long does it take for Republic to verify "bring your own phone" compatibility? - #21 by southpaw

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Thank you, yes I saw this. It appears that the pixel 5 has now been approved. Does this mean that while you are reviewing your certification process you are still approving phones or is all activity halted? I realize you are not providing timelines, I just wanted to see if my thinking was sound in that if the 2020 edge is approved there is really no massive difference to the 2021 model so it’s just a matter of time?

Hi @gark,

Republic is not currently certifying new compatible phones pending completion of the process mentioned in @southpaw’s previously referenced post.

The Pixel 5 was released last October 2020 and added to Republic’s list of compatible phones at that tine. The just released Pixel 5a has not been added to Republic’s list of compatible phones.

I don’t think with a forthcoming new certification process making such a presumption would be wise. Much is currently wait and see regarding Republic at this time: A Letter from Our CEO: Republic Wireless Joins DISH!


Completely forgot about the merger. Oh boy, that could change things for me. It is unfortunate that approval is frozen as the BYOP feature is amazing with RW. Thank you both for the feedback.

I hope all this doesn’t drag out too long. RW could lose customers if it does. Somebody needing to replace a phone and being sold on a newer one, even a Pixel or Moto model that they would normally expect to be approved as a matter of course, may not have much wiggle room left.


Me too.

Republic/DISH must accept the business risk.

Should one find themselves needing as opposed to wanting to replace one’s current phone, then one would need to make the decision based on known facts today. In that circumstance, if a prospective replacement phone is not on Republic’s list of compatible phones, they would need to seek service elsewhere. Candidly, this has always been the reality though it is now more pronounced depending upon one’s circumstances.

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