Phone support when not using Republic plan


I’m thinking about purchasing a Moto G5 Plus as a Christmas gift for my son to use on WiFi only (not to activate the phone with a RW plan at this time). If I purchase the phone from Republic, will they provide phone support even if I am not paying for a monthly talk/text and/or data plan?

Does anybody have good or bad experiences purchasing phones from Republic but not activating them for use on a monthly plan? I know I could purchase the same unlocked phone from Amazon and buy a RW sim card if and when I’m ready to start paying a monthly fee so his phone is more portable. However, prices I’ve found elsewhere are already more expensive, and I know that when we do give him a cell/data plan we’ll be using Republic, so it makes sense to start here.



Not exactly sure what your question is. But if you purchased a phone from Republic, and then activated with the other carrier, you would get support either from the carrier the phone is activated with, or directly from Motorola.

If you’re not activating the phone at all, then you would be going just to Motorola for support of the device. Republic will provide the ability to return the phone for up to 14 days, but if the phone isn’t activated after that, you’d have to go directly to Motorola for support.

Once activated with Republic, Republic would provide you support for both the device and service.


I am talking about not activating it at all and just letting him use it on WiFi. I’m assuming the device will come ready to use out of the box when it connects to WiFi. My question/concern is about getting technical support for the phone if there are any WiFi connectivity problems that do not have to do with a RW plan. I am on my 2nd RW phone, and both have had their fair shares of legit problems that required tech support (lucky me, I guess).


The new phones are unmodified by Republic. So any support for wifi issues, when the phone isn’t active with Republic, would come from the manufacturer, in this case Motorola.


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