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Hello! :slight_smile: I am giving my republic phone to my son and getting a new phone for me with a different service provider. I would like to give him a new number (on my old republic phone) while transferring my current number to my new phone (again, it will be a different cell service, not republic). I’m pretty sure I can do this, but is there a specific order in which to make the switch successful without losing my current number? Thanks in advance!



Buy your new phone

activate it and transfer the old number to it

When the number transfers the old phone will be deactivated

Factory reset the old phone then follow activation instructions.

Activate My Phone

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When you port your number to a new provider your phone will automatically be deactivated. Then just remove any PIN or other form of security, factory reset it, and give it to your son. Your son will need a Gmail address. Depending on his age you might want to activate it in his own account so when he is on his own all he need do is switch from your credit card to his credit card. These two documents cover the two procedures you will follow.

Number Transfers

Activate My Phone