Phone that isn't working. Please help


I need someone to get in touch with me.


I see people have been working with you in your ticket. If you tell the good people of the community what is wrong with your phone they may be able to help.


I have been waiting for someone to get back to me. I have a phone that is completely useless right now. I guess my question to the good people in the community is how long should it take Republic Wireless to help a customer that has a completely useless phone and has been asking for help on the current ticket. I’m just asking for a reply. Give me something! Help me please I need a working phone.


Hi @leidyr

I sense the frustration you are experiencing. Can you confirm that RW is not awaiting a response from you in your existing ticket?. If no response, please post your ticket number here in this thread.


are you sure there no response here -->


I received a response after posting this comment. I’m currently contacting the Better Business Bureau.



BBB threats and lawyers are a joke around here. If you would just say whats wrong in detail with the phone and the type of phone the community will help you too probably quicker than the support team.

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Since you won’t tell us what the problem is at least tell us the make and model of your phone. We can direct you to the manufacturer’s service center.


I can clearly see why no one is helping you.

And, I’m sorry to say, also that you can’t see why that is.

Try letting us help you. But in order to do that we need the information from you that is being asked for by so many in this discussion thread. When I read your initial message I thought that your phone was misplaced, lost or stolen. Although we wouldn’t be able to find it for you we have a pretty good store of information and experience that can be useful for those who need to recover their phone. Similarly if we knew what symptoms you were seeing or what wasn’t happening that should be that would give us some ideas of what to suggest. So far all we can do is ask what is wrong. Again.

It is too soon to suggest this as being useful help but on just about every page just a bit below the top and over on the right hand side there is a magnifying glass icon. Clicking on it gives you access to a really huge amount of information, experiences and troubleshooting results that the hundreds of thousands of customers have documented in order for us to help ourselves. There are still questions that it may not answer and answers in it that you may not find. That’s where the Community comes in. If you let us.


I have been very clear. I have a ticket open with very clear information about the problems I’m facing with my phone. It turns off on its own, calls are being dropped, 3G does not work and there are times that I have no access to the screen. My phone is practically useless outside of a WiFi area and with WiFi the phone still cant make calls. People are trying to get a hold of me but can’t. This has been an ongoing problem for days. I have been very clear on my ticket of all the problems and the lack of help. I just need them to get back to me. I’m only writing here so that someone can answer my ticket questions. If you can help me understand why I’m having all this problems great! I have already done a factory reset and that didn’t do anything. What do you suggest?


I have a Moto X I think is first generation.


Hi @leidyr

Here is the link to the Motorola troubleshooting and service for your model:,6720,8696/

Since you have already factory reset your phone to no avail your problems could be caused by a hardware failure but there is one last possibility. After a factory reset people typically take the option to restore their apps to the phone. A bad app can cause much of what you describe. To find out if these problems are being caused by an app you can operate the phone in Safe Mode for a day or so to see if it behaves properly. In Safe Mode only the native apps work.

To get to Safe Mode hold the power button down until the shut-down dialog box appears. Then LONG PRESS on the option to shut the phone down. The Safe Mode option will then appear.

The reason we tried so hard to find out what problems you are experiencing is that we are customers just like you. We don’t have access to your service ticket but we do have a lot of experience helping others with problems like the ones you are facing and we can often solve them before a RW support can given their workload.



This has been going on for days. I have lost work time. Parents cant contact me and I have tried several things that I have been told to do and nothing has worked. I wish the person I spoke with on the phone had told me to write hear and wait to hear from somebody. I only came hear out of and anger and wanting someone to give me something. I will try what you said. How long is it acceptable for me have an useless phone and for it continue to impact my work. As company there should be more respect for costumer and better information as to how to receive help. Again, I will try this and hope it will work.


I cant turn the phone on, it keeps turning off when I go to turn it on.


Is there anything I can do while the phone is off. I have no idea when I can get it turn on again.



I bet you have facebook on your phone. Delete facebook and the FB messenger app if you have it and reboot the phone. The phone should work again. Most people run facebook from the chrome browser since the last update to facebook messes with the phone operations.

The community don’t know whats written in your service tickets so when asked please respond and don’t act like we know all your issues because we don’t. You could have had the answer 2 days ago if you weren’t so argumentative.

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@leidyr I understand your frustration with RW support. I too have had long waits on some problems, exceptionally good service on others. People like you who have phones that don’t function should receive the fastest service so I think RW might have put your ticket in the wrong queue.

If you phone continues to behave badly in Safe Mode then we can conclude you have a hardware failure and it’s time for a repair or replacement. By now I think the 1-year warranty from Motorola has expired for both the 1st and 2nd generations so if this is the case you are facing some expense. I recently sold two Moto X (1st Gen) phones for an average of about $70.00 which is pretty close to the cost of having your phone repaired by Motorola presuming they still repair the 1st Gen. Used Republic Wireless Moto X models can be found on eBay and Swappa.

If you chose to replace your phone with a new one from RW it is important to know that these phones work with T-Mobile, not Sprint like your Moto X (1st Gen) does. Here is a link to their coverage map:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

If you take that link be sure to put your home address in.

Now, if your phone does work OK in Safe Mode then we know the problems are being caused by an app running amok. A couple common offenders are Facebook and Facebook Messenger. If you have neither of these then all you can do is delete apps and restart the phone until you find the culprit.

If you go through the process of deleting and restarting, you need to know that an app deleted will be undeleted if you do a simple reboot (holding the power button down for 10 seconds) but completely deleted if you power the phone all the way down and then restart it.

Finally, know that restarting a phone when it is plugged-in can cause it to optimize all apps, a time consuming process. To get around this either unplug the phone or hold the power button down for 2 seconds, release it, and stare at the phone for 20 seconds.

Let us know how this turns out.



I already had to replace a phone with RW. I don’t have many apps on the phone because problems appear with apps. I do not have the FB app. I just have the basic apps. I learned about this company through the John Howard talk. I wish I had never gotten involve. Thank you for trying to help I wish your suggestions had worked.


Sorry to learn this didn’t work for you. RW is a cell phone service provider, Motorola is a cell phone manufacturer. In this case, I believe your issue is with Motorola, not RW except for their slow response to your help request. I wish I could have been more helpful.


Thank you for your help. Is greatly appreciated. Now I just wish RW would consider helping me.