Phone Transfer compatibility


Is my moto X still compatible. I upgraded my phone but want a friend to join republic and give him my old phone.


An RW custom Moto X1 or X2 can be reactivated on a Refund Plan either for your own use or by your friend as a new line of service.

See here for more useful info


Thank you. mine just says mine is moto x and it is black. 5.1. I will probably just order a sim card and let him have his own account.


the Legacy phones like the Moto X do not use the 3.0 SIMs they need to use the SIMs they came with (those SIMs are Link to the phone and needs to stay with it the phone even if sold no personal information is keep on the SIM)


great then do i just go back to factory settings and then set him up on republic. as it is he has a 100 year old flip phone, trac phone. he can get such a better deal with republic and be in this century


I am sorry for being a pest. Can I then change his number


the SIM does not hold the number in CDMA phones a new number will be assign when phone is activated in new account or line,


You’re not being a pest at all @euginah. Thank you for asking good questions and for bringing a friend to Republic Wireless.


After activation let him try it out a couple days with the new number. He can then transfer his old number to the phone more than likely.


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