Phone transfer

My son is trying to transfer his data from one phone to another (both Moto3 and Republic) and he keeps getting a message that says pending? Is there something else we need to do?

Thank you.


Can you please clarify which phone you are talking about…are they both Moto G (3rd Gen) ?

When you say transfer data…is the new phone activated?..or is he trying to use Motorola Migrate app

during the activation process?

I don’t think he is using the app. He is trying to transfer from hi Moto (Gen 2) to the same exact phone that was given to him by another Republic customer who switched carriers. We have no idea why he keeps getting the pending message.

The process for changing to another phone is listed in this document

Reactivating My Republic Phone

He will basically reactivate the newly acquired phone as replacement/upgrade to his existing line of service.

The best way to proceed is to factory reset the new phone and then follow along with the activation process.

Can you please provide more details as to which steps have been completed in the activation process and at what step does he get the “pending”


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