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Bought moto G5play to replace dying Moto X. Transfer was complete except from what I read in your forum was that once transfer was complete, old phone would be did-engaged. They are both currently operational. As for your new forum, it is seriously making me think about US cellular again. One hell of a lot less head aches.


Hi Kevin,

Have you tried restarting both phones? Sometimes this will disengage old phone. Likewise, sometimes there is a gap when both phones would be active (for a few hours) where one could receive text… other calls.

I’d restart both phones first.



Hi @kevin

It may take a little time to completely deactivate. Not really a problem, just turn the Moto X off.

Here is another post from earlier today… Phone transfer complete but texts are still going to Republic phone

I hope this is the problem you are referring to. If not please accept my apologies.


The phone will still be operational even if disconnected. It can work as a tablet even though it will not be able to make calls or text. I only see the G5 on your account so the other phone looks like it is deactivated. What made you think it was still active? What does it say on that phone when you try to open the Republic App?

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