Phone Upgrade Decision

I use the Refund 1GB as my plan with my Moto G (8GB) (1st Gen.) I’ve been with R.W. for about 5 years.
I’m interested in upgrading, and Moto G5+ seems like a good deal.
Any comments? And what’s the deciding factor in choosing 64GB storage vs. 32GB?

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Hello @jas1964

I can agree the Moto G5+ looks like a good deal (perhaps too good as it looks like they are out of stock on all versions)

as for deciding factor is on how one uses the phone (do you install lots of apps, keep your music on the phone, take lots of pictures? all these take up space which can be limited on the 32 GB version) I will also note the 64 GB version has 4 GB of RAM vs only 3 GB on the 32 GB storage version.
Personally I would encourage the larger storage option as a more future proof (it gives more options if usage changes over time)

Hi @jas1964 and welcome to the Community!

Alas, the certified preowned Moto G5 Plus was available as part of Republic’s Spring Stockout sale. Now that it’s out of stock, it isn’t going to be restocked as Motorola no longer manufactures the phone.

If you remain interested in the G5 Plus, Motorola still has stock: You’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the page.

When sourcing elsewhere, you’ll need to acquire separately a new Republic SIM. So that we point you in the right direction coverage wise, would you be willing to share a zip code (nothing more)?


Well, SON-OF-A-■■■■, drm and rolandh. Moto G+ sold out right after i posted. Dammit. Any other suggestions? I like your idea of getting the extra 1GB of RAM. I’m sick of my Moto G’s slow response and often jamming up with the message of “___________ doesn’t appear to be working. Close it?”

Rolandh, i’m not sure what you mean by “sourcing elsewhere”, but my ZIP Codes are 94507 and 96137.

just to close the loop here the poster @jas1964 has found his answer in the thread below

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