Phone upgrade for Android Auto


Hello. I recently got a car that can utilize Android Auto, and my quite-a-few-years-old MotoG doesn’t seem to have the horsepower to run it smoothly. I’m getting very laggy behavior, Google Play Music randomly quits working, all kind of stuff.

I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for the current phone models available from republic wireless. Is anyone using Android Auto regularly and can recommend a device? Are there any consideration for long term support (since I tend to hang on to the same phone for quite a few years).

Thanks in advance for the inputs.


Hi @jonathanp.4ub8ua
Happy New Years Eve!
The G5+ & the G5S+ are the winners as of now. I have a X4 and I got my wife a G5+ & I like them both. The G5 phones have a very unique feel to them being a metal phone. It has a good in the hand feel I think better than the X series phones.
The X4 would work too being a Mid level phone. The X4 also has the, exclusive to the X series, features of the camera twist, shake light, and the android drive too. I can’t remember all the X features as I don’t use all of them but I like the phone as my everyday use phone.


Earlier Motos have the camera twist and shake light, are the absent on the G5s?

FYI, X4 available today at Newegg .com for $299 with code EMCBCDB25.


If your Moto G is first gen, it only utilizes 3g data, this could explain the lagging behaviour. One thing that might improve things for the time being, is clear Android System Cache/Partition:

Check your car manufacturers’ phone specs is you’re using Bluetooth connection. If it’s a direct connection USB, probably (although I’m not certain on this) will connect to any phone that can handle Android Auto app.

For example check the support page, here is an example for a popular vehicle:

With all of that taken into consideration, all the new phones currently offered by RW utilize 4g/LTE, so your connections should work better.

The Mid to High end phones, if using Bluetooth usually will pair with any car. On the other hand, high end vehicles will pair with high end phones and exclude mid to low end phones from their Bluetooth compatibility list.

I’ve been using Android Auto on my Samsung S7 Edge alone, and I’ve found it to be an invaluable app!


All the Moto Gestures are there, my Moto G5S+ works with Android Auto without any problems, although I run it by itself since my car does not have a Android Auto head unit.