Phone Upgrade to Moto E4 Plus


I am thinking of upgrading from Moto E to Moto E4 Plus. Would the Moto E4 Plus be a good phone ?
I need more space looking at going with 32 meg phone. Is it easy to transfer the numbers and apps and pictures to a new phone ?



Transferring your contacts to the new phone occurs when you log into your Gmail account so that is very easy. You apps are all at the Play Store and can be fetched there. If you use the Photos app on your old phone to push your pictures to the Google cloud then you can do this in reverse with the Photos app on the new phone.

Here are some handy links:


Hi @michaell.4jd919,

I have a Moto E4+ in my household and, in my opinion, it’s a very good budget phone. I appreciate not everyone will see $199 as budget but that’s how Motorola classifies it. Coming from either the Moto E1 or E2, I think you’ll find it a very nice upgrade. The primary differences between the E4 and E4+ are the added storage (32 GB rather than 16 GB), a larger screen (5.5" rather than 5") and a mammoth 5000 mAh battery. Having recently been left without power for a short period of time (36 hours) due to Hurricane Irma, I can attest the battery does last for an extended time.

You might want to be aware your coverage will change with either the E4 or E4+ as coverage for these phones is provisioned with Republic’s GSM network partner. Your Moto E is provisioned for cellular coverage with Sprint. More on coverage from Republic here: Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help.

Finally, this might also be of interest to you:


thanks for the help…


Hi @michaell.4jd919,

You’re most welcome! In case you haven’t seen it, the Moto E4 Plus is on sale from Republic at $179. More here: Special Pricing on Moto E4 Plus for a Limited Time.