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I am taking a cruise at the end of the month and was wondering what is the best way to handle my phone useage without going into roaming charges? I have a MotoG. Is there a way to receive texts and calls. What will airplane mode accomolish? Any help would be appreciated


Cruised in December with 3RW Phones… Moto G cdma, G gsm and an old Moto on the 5$ wifi only… Purchased the midgrade Holland America wifi. All three made reliable texts and calls at sea. The old Moto connected quickly. The G’s connected better on airplane mode… Using Anywhere app for texting. Your experience may be different…


Take a look at this for additional useful info.


The cruise ship industry is making great strides in providing reliable broadband available on ship. Increased satellite bandwidth, ship wide wireless, new servers, more choices and reasonable pricing are common. For the most part, VOIP calls are not officially supported and many third party apps are restricted. During a December 2017 Holland America Westerdam supported the Republic Wireless system and reliable wifi calls were available.

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