Phone vibrates but won't ring when people call Moto X4

How do I fix it?

as a last resort is there a way to reset my phone to factory specs but still keep all the numbers in my contacts.
(I regret ever getting the Oreo update) Is there a way to go back

Android 9.0 pie and several security updates System Update for Moto X4 - 12/17/18 are available for the Moto X4 starting in December 2018.
Have you pushed in on the volume button then the gear for settings and checked to be sure the volume settings are all right.

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Hi @live.carcass

Yes there is a way to Factory Reset your phone but as you say let’s keep that as a last resort :wink:

Have you tried going into the setting to seeing if the ringtone has been set or disabled/silenced?
Here is a link that should help checking on the ring settings.

Going back to an earlier version of the OS is really not an option for many reasons (sorry).

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I got it. It was the ringtone. Other ringtones work.


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