Phone went for a swim in a porta potty

Hi Friends, Have any of you had any luck reviving a phone after it was dunked in gross fluid? My brave spouse double bagged his hand and fished my poor phone out of the bowels of a porta potty yesterday. It was submerged for 5 minutes. It was showing some signs of life, but was displaying a sim card error. We sanitized it and put it in a bag of dry rice.
Today the screen is black but it did make some sounds. Is it worth trying to salvage? Thanks.

Hi @noellen!

Oh dear! That’s not good. What phone do you have? It might be worth taking to a local repair shop and having them take a look. However, t’s likely some of the internal components have been damaged by the “fluids.” This is especially true if your phone doesn’t have an internal name-coating.


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Thanks mb2x! I did take it to a repair place and they are assessing it today. It is making all sorts of happy phone sounds but the screen is dark. The phone repair guy suspects the screen LED shorted out and it just needs a new screen. Hopefully this is the case. Stay tuned I’ll report back with the final prognosis later today. It is a Moto G4+ which is allegedly somewhat water resistant, as is its protective case. But still “water resistant” vs “waterproof” can make all of the difference. Keeping fingers crossed.

Check with your credit card company to see if they insure items purchased with their card. Mine (Chase) does.

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