Phone went through the wash

I think the phone is destroyed.

I have the text and calling plan. No data.

What phone do you recommend? Is there any way I can transfer data.? Will I retain the same phone number?


Hi @robertd.jpplvt,

I’m sorry to hear about your phone! :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, you can retain your phone number when setting up the Republic app on the new phone.

You can check and see if your contacts are backed up to Google here (Log in with the same account as your Republic phone):

And your photos here:

My quick answer would be a Google Pixel phone. But you might love Motorola or Samsung :thinking:
What was the model of phone that got washed? Did you like it?

Oh, and you might want to download Republic Anywhere for your PC or Mac so you can still have access to your texts :slight_smile:

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